Collegeville, PA Fix and Dispute Credit Report Errors

Credit reporting errors come in many forms including:

  • Accounts that are current, but are reported as past due
  • Old accounts that should have been removed
  • Misreporting account status following bankruptcy
  • Re-aging  accounts – i.e., making a debt look more recent than it really is
  • Including incorrect personal information
  • Closed accounts reported as open
  • Listing debt on your credit report that is more than 7 years old

A lowered credit score can harm you by:

  • Disqualifying you from obtaining a mortgage, or paying absurdly higher interest rates
  • Disqualifying you from purchasing a car, or paying absurdly high interest rates
  • Preventing you from obtaining a job
  • Denial of a rental application
  • Denial of insurance, or paying absurdly high premiums

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