KLF recognizes that commercial and civil litigation is often complex, drawn out – and can be very costly to clients – ranging from several hundred-of-thousands of dollars to millions when attorney services are performed on an hourly basis.  Many times, because of anticipated costs, financially injured parties will refrain from instigating litigation, despite having a meritorious claim, leaving justice undone.  Recognizing these facts – and the restriction an hourly fee arrangement provides at times – KLF provides contingency litigation services based on the qualities of a particular case. 

Contingency litigation is by its very definition “contingent” on the outcome of the case, where you as the client are not responsible for any attorneys’ fees until KLF obtains a recovery on your behalf.  Understanding that there are some cases where a contingency fee agreement is not authorized by the rules, or in circumstances where a contingency litigation is not efficient for the parties, KLF will make every effort to work with you as the client, to design a fee arrangement that is fair and clear.

The benefit of contingency litigation is that it allows the client the ability to immediately pursue an action in Court without having to expend the immense resources commonly associated with complex civil litigation.  A contingency based model can be very beneficial to companies of all sizes (especially small and medium), but to individuals as well.

In terms of general guidelines, KLF evaluates cases that qualify and sufficiently meet certain criteria for contingency based litigation, especially where the prospective damages exceed fifty thousand dollars ($100,000) and where there is evidence of merit worthy claims that can be demonstrated by a preponderance of evidence in civil court.